Founded in 2004 in Marcq-en-Baroeul, Juridif specializes in debt recovery and offers customized mediation services. Their legal professionals are experts in amicable debt recovery negotiations as well as litigation procedures, with both corporate and individual debtors.



TCM Belgium, debt collectors

Since 1993, TCM Belgium have been successfully collecting debts for creditors in Belgium and abroad for their consumer or commercial receivables. Quality work means:

  • actual cashing of claims,
  • providing timely and factual information to creditors on the collection process,
  • transferring recovered funds promptly to clients’ accounts,
  • sustaining industry leadership in ethical collection practices,
  • training staff in consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery and international debt collection.

In 2012, TCM Belgium collected cash for 482 different clients from all types of services (e.g. governments, banks, catering companies, IT firms, legal and health specialists) and industries (e.g. chemicals, building, packaging, energy, printing, steel, textile, and transportation industries). Additionally, they are the domestic debt collection agency of choice for 700 Belgian schools.



SCP Cambron Pesin Dupont Lagrifoul

SCP Cambron Pesin Dupont Lagrifoul has been based in Bordeaux for over a century. As the founding member of a national network of 150 bailiff's offices, they have extensive expertise in judicial debt recovery procedures. In addition to developing data-mining debtor location tools, as judicial officers they have the legal right to perform investigations. In the area of amicable debt collection, a team of over 70 employees is trained and dedicated to successfully negotiating payment of outstanding debts.




Created in November 2003, Creddel is a civil investigation agency specializing in identification and location of debtors. Recognized as a market leader, the company employs a team of 20 people.