Specialized tools can efficiently automate the dunning process, monitoring of receipts and management of disputes. As experts in the market, Order to Cash helps you formulate your needs, select the most appropriate solution and prepare your company to implement it.

Analysis of functional requirements

Order to Cash analyzes your operational needs and constraints and translates them into functional requirements. We prepare the list of specifications and work with you to define your selection criteria.

of your organization
Needs assessment
in detail
of available solutions

Selection and implementation

Order to Cash compares the specialized software providers most qualified to manage your project. We review their strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis your requirements and estimate their overall cost for your organization.
We can then accompany you in the implementation of the selected tools: process planning, software parameters, and training of your employees.
Order to Cash combines technical knowledge of software solutions with insight into financial and A/R management concerns:

  • Practical experience implementing software tools in a variety of industries
  • Ongoing review of the capabilities of the best solutions in the market
  • First-hand knowledge of A/R management issues in our own business practice

As an independent observer of software products in the market, Order to Cash is the ideal partner to help you choose a solution configured to your receivables management needs.