Customer disputes can have dire consequences for your business. Order to Cash assists you in analyzing disputes in relation to their impact on your DSO, enabling you to target your recovery efforts. We investigate the fundamental causes of these disputes and propose operational solutions to accelerate their detection and resolution.

Organizational assessment

Drawing on the data in your IT system, Order to Cash categorizes your disputes and measures their financial impact. With the help of your team, we identify the root causes of your principal types of dispute and problems in the way they are handled.

Investigation of potentially litigious clients

Order to Cash recommends that you communicate thoroughly with your clients to understand their expectations.
This allows you to prioritize your handling of disputes according to their impact on customer satisfaction and to measure your performance against business practices in your industry.

Operational action plan

Order to Cash proposes an operational action plan that takes into consideration your revenue objectives and internal communication strategy. We can then accompany you in the change management process and monitoring of results achieved by your team.
To ensure success in its mission, Order to Cash applies the following principles:

  • mitigation of problems caused by human error; dispute resolution is a question of organization
  • achievement of rapid and thorough results that motivate affected teams
  • comprehensive root-cause analysis, enabling you to prevent future disputes
  • emphasis on internal communication

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