Thanks to our graduated approach and team of specialists, Order to Cash ensures an efficient recovery process while maintaining the most positive client relationship possible. You can focus on building your business while we take care of outstanding receivables.

Amicable debt collection negotiations and litigation procedures

Order to Cash prioritizes the pursuit of an amicable solution in the debt recovery process. This stage also allows us to gather evidence in preparation for the litigation phase.

Judicial proceedings

If necessary, we obtain and enforce a writ of execution in cooperation with a network of more than 200 bailiffs and attorneys specialized in debt collections.

for client relationships
in judicial proceedings
each step of the way

Our team members are debt recovery professionals. By entrusting us with your outstanding payment claims, you benefit from our expertise and efficiency at a cost-effective rate:

  • specialized tools and procedures
  • expertise in judicial proceedings
  • a competitive cost structure

After review of your particular case, we will propose a pricing strategy predicated on successful resolution of your claims. With all the advantages of our expertise, you will be in the best possible position to recover your outstanding payments.
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