Is it wise to invest in a certain prospective client? Will the client be able to honor his commitments? Should you anticipate cash-flow problems, or the need for loss provisioning? For each of these scenarios, Order to Cash provides you with thorough and up-to-date information to help you make the right decisions.

Our investigations enable you to rapidly verify the identity of 8 million companies, to ascertain their unpaid debts and to evaluate their default risk. Through numerous sources of information (Sirene, Banque de France, legal notices, court registries...), you will receive:

  • analysis of a company's financial structure and solvency
  • an appraisal of the company's management
  • benchmarking of a company's performance against the rest of its market sector
  • a comprehensive risk assessment to facilitate your decisions

12 month surveillance

Monitor your regular clients and suppliers to keep you informed about any activity likely to affect your business.
For example, you will be alerted at once of any insolvency proceedings