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Order to Cash audits companies on behalf of instructing parties and financial partners to assess the quality of their processes and the level of risk, notably based on the following items:

  • Financial study of the company, its receivables and suppliers
  • Interview with managers and operatives
  • Examination of procedures and contractual documents
  • Analysis of accounting and non-accounting data
  • In-depth spot checks of documentation

We offer flat-rate services, guarantee the confidentiality of the information passed on and provide a detailed report, as well as a summary of the assessment of risks identified.

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SWorking on ad hoc projects, Order to Cash helps you to optimise your collection function:

  • Diagnostic of your processes and organisation
  • Identification of drivers to improve your DSO
  • Selection of reminder and customer risk monitoring software
  • Development of an operational action plan

We are then able to assist you with the change management process and handle internal communication issues.